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Us Again

Power of The Sun

Her Two Minds

You're the Wind

I'm Gonna Run

Would Have Held You Longer (Revisited)

Keep Your Spirits Up

Burden of Proof (Tryin' to Drink Over You)

Open Mike

  • Hopefully you've had a chance to check out my first single of 2024, "Us Again"! You can hear it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and wherever else you listen to music. Or better yet, come on out to a show and hear it live!  See you there!    Mike 

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Mike Latimer is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. He is creating a unique blend of country and soft-rock music.  "Creating music has been an incredible gift and outlet for me. In my teens it helped me articulate my feelings and channel angst. Today I leverage my past and ongoing experiences to convey observations about the human condition”.  Mike is a proud husband and father of three. 



"Songs should convey meaning and purpose". Mike spends a great deal of time finding the balance of flow, meaning, effectiveness, relatability and overall quality. His songs convey the findings from his ongoing exploration of the human condition, with themes of love, longing, fear, pride, relief, joy and wonder.



Mike began his foray into music on the drums. A few years later, he was introduced to the guitar by his step-father, who taught him a handful of the basic chords. He said "all the great songs were written with three, maybe four, chords". He taught Mike to never be a "quarter miler" - one who doesn't finish a song. He also instilled the importance of timing and unwavering steadiness as a musician. Mike's foundation in rhythm has given him a percussive approach to guitar and a deep appreciation for the backbone of a song provided by drums and the bass guitar.  

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